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Pocket Diary A6

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It’s small enough to fit in your jacket pocket and ideal for writing down casual notes, interesting observations and sudden ideas. Made from Stone Paper with perforated pages. It comes in a 3-pack.


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At a glance:
  • Packed in a bundle of three - perforated pages
  • It opens effortlessly and lies completely flat 
  • It’s water-resistant, preventing ink from bleeding through
  • It’s resistant to tearing and won’t cause paper cuts 
  • Contains no wood-pulp, no water and no added chemicals
  • A Cradle to Cradle certified product & printed with soy ink
  • Number of pages: 64

Detailed information:
  • How it is packaged: In a Stone Paper box
  • How we bring it to our warehouse: We produce and ship in bulk without plastic
  • The delivery method to warehouse: Vessel
  • Factory: In a Stone Paper box
  • What climate-issue are we addressing: Deforestation
  • Time to market: 6 months
  • Size: A6, 10,5x14,8 cm
  • Sheet: 144gsm Stone Paper
  • How to recycle: Waste-to-energy, plastic-bin or let it photodegrade in nature

The perfect everyday companion

It’s small enough to fit in your jacket pocket and ideal for writing down casual notes, interesting observations and sudden ideas.

The water-proof, naturally white stone paper has no grain direction, resulting in a silky-smooth writing experience. At A Good Company, we believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise between quality and sustainability. The A6 Stone Paper Pocket Diary is carefully crafted by a small family-owned factory, applying bookmaking techniques that are second to none.

Our Stone Paper Notebooks are made in a water-free manufacturing process entirely from reused materials, 80% calcium carbonate and 20% recycled HDPE.

The result is beautiful, functional and sophisticated.


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We plant one tree per order with WeForest.

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Traditional Pulp Paper A6 Pocket Diary X 3

We detailed the footprint 3 A6 Pocket Diaries in pulp-paper looking into raw-material, production and transports. The pulp paper book has equal weight.

Raw material
86,1 KG CO2 released
A6 Stone Paper Pocket Diary

We detailed the footprint of 3 A6 Pocket Diaries in Stone Paper looking into raw-material, production and transports. The Stone Paper Pocket Diary uses 0 water and trees in production.

Raw material
-24,7 KG CO2 saved