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    B-Corp certified

    We believe being completely transparent between ourselves, and with our customers and partners will spur us to push even harder.

    We are completely transparent

    • We encourage our customers to understand exactly how our products are made.
    • We don’t make off-the-cuff statements without backing them up with proper facts.
    • We detail the environmental footprint of everything we do.
    • We benchmark ourselves against competing products & brands.
    • We are completely transparent about our suppliers & partners.
    • We ask suppliers & partners to provide us with hard proof about their practices.

    We never take shortcuts

    In the choice between different courses of action, we will always take the route that makes our company and our products better and more responsible.

    • We will always climate compensate our shipments, even if that comes at a cost.
    • We develop our own packaging material.
    • We say firmly no to cheap but harmful materials, such as BPA-plastics.
    • We evaluate our suppliers & partners on more than just the cost.
    • We avoid working with suppliers & partners that we can’t influence.

    We refuse to become corporate

      We think the traditional way of running a company — with a big office that no one else can use, a fancy reception, stale conference rooms, and faceless art — is out of date.

      • Our office is 100% remote: we work together, but we don’t share an office.
      • We believe in well-oiled teams and avoid becoming dependent on lone-wolf heroes.
      • We always recruit globally, to assemble a broad spectrum of experience and skill.
      • We accept and celebrate fast failures, and we learn from our mistakes.
      • We encourage a healthy & balanced lifestyle, that leads to higher productivity.
      • We strive to get as many certifications that can strengthen our cause - Read more about our certifications here.