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Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
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14335 avis
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
Livraison climatiquement neutre

We want to invite YOU to take part in our product development. Share your idea below and then someone from our design team will review and get back to you with feedback!


Do you have a great idea for a product? Did you just hear about a crazy material that you think would be fantastic for a sustainable product? Or have you just brilliantly identified a problem that we might be able to solve with our own product development team? If so – hit us up!



How our product development process works

All of our products come from a place of love. We have a thorough thought process for developing new products in innovative materials:

  1. Is this a product that people commonly use?
  2. Can we make this in a material that is better for the planet and humans than the average alternative out there?
  3. Can we produce it in a better way than most existing options?

If the answer to these questions is YES, then we kick off with our development process. 


If you have any questions about our design process or product development, feel free to get in touch!  

Emilia Cullborg
Head of Communication & Sustainability

Communications specialist heading up Communications and Sustainability at agood company. Experience from working in a global corporation as well as cross-border agencies. Degree in Political Science from Lund University.

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