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We’ve teamed up with our friends at Project Caritas to raise money for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and help struggling communities to overcome this awful crisis.  

How it works

Four fantastically talented artists have each created three exclusive portable art pieces from our A Good Mobile Cases, painted with our own Allround paint! 

You can now own one of these unique cases, and contribute to a good cause, by bidding in our charity auction.


 The cases (click to bid)


Helena Jay

Helena is an internationally acclaimed artist based in London. Through her work, she explores ideas of ecological philosophy and connectivity.

Her abstract works are bold and colourful, often dominated by blues, representing peace and tranquillity. 





Helena Case 3



Like what you see? Bid to get your hands on one of Helena's mesmerising cases and contribute to a good cause in the charity auction here (or click the one you like).


Eloise Dörr

Eloise is a self-taught artist based in London. Her work draws inspiration from her love of skateboarding and storytelling. 

She likes to take her characters on journeys through different environments and emotional states, from watercolour nature scenes to scratchy ink city scapes.

Previous collaborations include Vans, Nike, and now us. :)





Become the proud owner of one of Eloise's characters and contribute to a good cause in the charity auction here (or click the one you like)!

Özlem Thompson

Özlem is an artist originally from Istanbul but now living in London. Her work is heavily influenced by her in depth knowledge of exotic plants and artists such as Kandinsky, Mondrian and Miró.

She merges intellectual concepts with visual ideas, mixing real and imagined organic structures with one another, while dream-like worlds and creatures all converge to create a vivid explosion of the real and fantastic.






Make a bid to own one of Özlem's striking designs and contribute to a good cause in the charity auction here (or click the one you like)!


Ingrid Sanchez

Ingrid is a Mexican/British artist now residing in London. Her work takes inspiration from nature and a daily dose of meditation. She is known for her loose dynamic style and non-sketching approach, also known as "brush dancing".

As well as being an artists, Ingrid also teaches workshops and has held corporative classes with brands such as Harrods and Target. 








Bid to own one of Ingrid's vibrant designs and contribute to a good cause in the charity auction here (or click the one you like)!