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    Soy Ink

    Soy Ink

    What is it?

    Soy ink is a special kind of ink produced from the byproduct of soybean farming, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based inks.

    Why we like It

    Sharper images

    • Cost-effective 
    • Less volatile organic compounds emitted
    • 4 x more recyclable than standard inks


    Soy ink applications:

    • Food, health, plastics and cosmetics industry
    • A Good Notebook
    • Our packaging material

    • NO Fossil fuels
    • NO Extra crops
    • YES Better clarity acid
    • YES recyclable
    • YES more versatile
    • YES more cost-effective

    How to care for it

    No particular care instructions.


    Recycling & circularity

    Soy ink is easier to recycle than petroleum-based ink as it has a faster rate of removal. Additionally, soy ink is more than four times more biodegradable than standard ink, so even paper that isn’t recycled with have less of an environmental impact.

    How to recycle

    Recycle with paper


    The Soy Ink Factory

    Soy ink is popular in Asia. Ours is made in a factory in Taiwan. The same soybeans used to make tofu and soy milk are used to create soy ink. The soybeans are first cleaned then cut into flakes and processed into oil. This oil is then refined, cooked and carefully blended with pigments, resins and waxes.

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    Our Soy Ink Range

    We use soy ink to print on all our stone paper products including pocket diaries, notebooks, sketchpads and bullet journals, as well as our in-house packaging solution.

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