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14204 avis
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
Livraison climatiquement neutre
14204 avis
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
Livraison climatiquement neutre

We’re huge fans of trees. They’re crucial for supporting life on Earth need to be protected. When you make a purchase through us, we plant a tree through our partner in Zambia. You can read more about this initiative here.

This month is Green November, our annual holiday where we plant even more of our leafy friends. To honour the holiday, here are some cool tree facts to add to your knowledge bank.

  1. Trees are some of the oldest living organisms on Earth. The oldest tree in the world, Old Tjikko, has a root system that’s estimated to be over 9,500 years old.

  2. Trees and soil absorb around 30% of atmospheric carbon emissions every year. 

  3. Rafiki’s tree in The Lion King is a species called a Baobab.

    Baobab tree

  4. Trees cover roughly 30% of the Earth’s land surface.

  5. There is estimated to be 3 trillion trees on Earth, or around 400 for every human.

  6. Antarctica is the only continent where trees don’t grow.

  7. The biggest forest on Earth is the Taiga forest, also referred to as the Boreal. It stretches across from Europe al the way across to Asia, North America and Canada.

  8. Bamboo is actually a type of grass, not tree. It's still amazing though!

  9. Strategically planting trees around a building provides shade in the summer and serve as a windbreak in the winter, saving on energy bills.

  10. Trees release chemicals called phytonocides that protects them from insects, but they have also found to be beneficial for human health.
All the more reasons to keep trees in the ground where they belong!

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