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    "We cannot forget about each of our individual contributions. Normal things, like going to the grocery store and choosing ecological and sustainable products."

    What do you do?

    I work in the international office at the University of Udine. My specific field is international mobility and international cooperation with developing countries. I have been working at the University since 1996 and every year I get to meet students coming from abroad to study here.


    Having been there since 1996, can you see a development in the interest in Global Studies and climate change among the students?

    I can certainly see a difference in the way they receive information, with Social Media being their primary source. But I have actually only met a few students with a sincere interest in these issues. I feel that young people today are more aware of the current environmental situation, but there is a big step to take from being aware to being engaged and active. I rarely see a concrete social involvement in their future and think that is the step they have to take. They are not as involved in the issues as they could be.

    How do you think we could make young people today even more involved?

    We need to start with the youngest generation and educate them in a very concrete way, without politicising the issues. I really think the older generation should be involved in this process to a greater extent than they are today. It is not easy for young people to learn if the older generation does not lead by example.

    In your mind, is there a particular challenge facing us as a society today?

    Yes, we all know about this young girl travelling around the world to advocate for awareness about climate change. But we cannot forget about each of our individual contributions. Normal things, like going to the grocery store and choosing ecological and sustainable products.


    A very tangible example where this is made more difficult: Udine is close to the Austrian border where you can find biologically produced food at reasonable prices in the grocery store. In Italy on the other hand, just a few miles away, the price can sometimes be insurmountable for a regular consumer.

    Thanks for being part of A Good Community, any last words you’d like to add for the people around the world watching/reading this?

    A Good Community is a great opportunity for understanding and share a new approach to commerce and to ambient sustainability.