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Free shipping on most orders above 30!

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Free shipping on most orders above 30!
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14114 reviews
4% is donated to A Good Foundation
Climate neutral shipping
14114 reviews
4% is donated to A Good Foundation
Climate neutral shipping


We have assembled that most frequently asked questions to our customer service. If you can't find what you are looking for, drop us an email or click the chat widget.


Our time of delivery is usually between 2-6 workdays, but depending on your location our delivery time can extend to 4-7 workdays. We also sustain an express shipping solution. You can trace your parcel by accessing your account, or by contacting our customer support team through the chat function on our site. Keep in mind it may take up to 48 hours to trace a parcel after it has been dispatched from our warehouse.

We offer world-wide climate compensated delivery.

In normal circumstances, all the products displayed on our site are in stock. Should we experience unusually large orders in short duration for certain products, our systems may be temporarily out of sync. If that is ever the case we will contact you immediately so that you can change your order or cancel the order with no charge.

We offer express delivery for a €5 charge to most locations worldwide. You may choose express delivery in the final step in completing the order. If you choose express delivery with DHL Express, your order will be with you within 24-28 hours after the parcel has been dispatched from our warehouse.

Shopping at A Good Company is completely safe. We use Adyen ( to process payments, and all of the payments made with us are fully encrypted to protect all payment details. We do not charge any additional payment fees, regardless of the payment method you chose. We take fraud very seriously, and subject all credit and debit card payments with validation and authorisation by ourselves and the card issuer.

Contrary to popular belief, the production and consumption of traditional paper has a large and negative environmental impact. Unlike the production of Stone Paper, the production of standard paper involves the use of bleach and other harmful chemicals, large quantities of water, and the cutting down of trees that would otherwise contribute to absorbing carbon dioxide. Read more about the differences between Stone Paper and traditional paper here.

At the moment, our products are only available on our website, We may consider working with other vendors in the future, but only if these vendors are able to ensure that our products continue to have a net-positive impact on the environment and our climate.

Our Stone Paper is a fantastic product, and when buying a notebook made from Stone Paper from us, we compensate every purchase with the planting of one tree, contributing to a positive environmental impact. Beyond having all the same characteristics and usages as standard paper, Stone Paper has some clear benefits:

It is water resistant.
It is resistant to tearing.
It is produced using only recycled materials.
It is produced without any added chemicals.
It is produced without the usage of water.

If you are in possession of a voucher or promotional code, you may redeem it as you choose your method of payment in the checkout, before you confirm your order. Enter the code in the field titled “VOUCHER OR PROMO CODE” and click “REDEEM CODE.” Remember to enter your code before you confirm your order. Voucher and promotional codes are valid for a limited time period, and you may only use a single code per order. Most voucher and promotional codes are for single use and become invalid after they have been redeemed. 

All of our products are sent in climate compensated and traceable packages made from Stone Paper.

After your order

Oh no! If your product was damaged upon delivery, please contact our customer support team by using the chat function on our site, or by email at, and we will make sure to send a replacement product. We will ask for an image of the damaged product and the package in which it was delivered.

Should you want to cancel an order, contact our customer support team as soon as possible through the chat function on our site or by emailing If we receive the request to cancel an order within 2 hours after placing an order, we are usually able to cancel the order.

In the order confirmation that we sent to the email address you entered as you placed your order, you can find a Tracking-ID. You can also access your tracking-ID by logging into your account. Enter the Tracking-ID on to see exactly where your package is located.

Our payment partner Adyen handles the most common payment methods including card payments with American Express, VISA, MasterCard, as well as payments with PayPal, iDeal, Sofort and Giropay.

Yes, we save the press plates for the embossment for a duration of 4 years. You can place an additional order with the same customization by logging into your account on

If this is your first purchase with us, we (and mother nature) would rather see that you utilize our money-back guarantee than sending the product back to us.
If you have made several purchases with us, contact our customer support team via the chat function on our site or by email at to arrange a return of the product. We charge €10 for returns and deduct the return fee from the purchase price. Our €10 return fee includes climate compensation for the return shipment.

Other questions

Great that you’re interested in our manufacturing processes! We’ve got tons of detail on that, read more about our manufacturing processes by clicking here.

No, we’re committed to never ever use harmful industrial chemicals in our production, such as acidic bleach or Bisphenol A plastics. If you want to read up on our certificates, click here.

You can read more about how we have assessed our environmental impact here.

All cover material is also in Stone Paper, this is something we are extraordinarily proud of.

Great question! You can read all about our certifications here.

“Photodegradable” means it is decomposed by (direct) sunlight. Photodegradable plastic, in this case HDPE which we have in our Stone Paper notebooks, has bonds in its structure that are weakened and broken by sunlight, the exact process is that it is oxidized by active UV light with oxygen. Over time it completely degrades and is resorbed into the biosphere without adverse effects. This natural characteristic of HDPE is an advantage for stone paper.

You have three good options to recycle your Stone Paper Notebooks.

1. Place it in waste-to-energy bin. We detail the environmental footprint of each and every one of our products, and due to the fact that we only use recycled materials, you can with good conscience close the loop of the raw material and let it become energy.
2. Place it in the plastic bin. Same logic as number one, different bin :)
3. Let it degrade in nature. Stone Paper is not biodegradable, for that you need bacteria’s which our products does not contain. However, if you place it in nature, the sun and wind will gradually turn into egg shelves again.