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    A Good Crayon

    Crayons are fun, creative tools for everyone in the family. But a lot of today’s crayons are bad for the environment, have poor pigment loads, and are hard to clean off.

    A Good Crayon is a real innovation. It's water-soluble and made from liquid paraffin wax. It has vibrant colour pigments and works like oil crayon, but it’s much softer and creamier. We call it The Crayon of the 2020s. .

    • Non-toxic and free for allergens
    • Apply water for watercolor painting
    • We created a perforation to use the complete crayon

    Crayons backdrop

    Crayons backdrop

    Sketches and drawings

    A Good Crayon

    A Good Crayon

    Stage and launch date

    • In production
    • Spring-2019


    Production information

    • About the material: Not hazardous to health and the environment
    • Production type: Cook & Cool by a family owned business in India

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