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    A Good Hand Spray 4-pack

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    Antibacterial hand spray in 4-pack x 250 ml PET-bottle made in Sweden. This alcohol-free antibacterial kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including Corona (click here for a full list of FAQ and certificates), with a long-lasting protection that has been clinically tested with documented effects. This Swedish hand spray is made from mild ingredients, including Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera and Biopolymer. It moisturises your hands while keeping them sanitized. Non-flammable. Read the price breakdown to understand the price.

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    At a glance:
    • Antibacterial hand spray
    • 0% alcohol
    • Comes in 4-pack
    • Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses (including Corona)
    • Made in Sweden
    • Pocket size
    • Clinically tested with documented effects
    • Made from mild ingredients
    • Contains Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera and Biopolymer
    • 250 ml PET bottle x 4
    • Dermatologically tested

    Detailed information:


    A Good Hand Spray is your environmentally friendly antibacterial spray with high efficiency versus virus and bacteria.

    Keep your hands sanitized and moisturized with this 0% alcohol hand spray made in Sweden from Vitamin B5, Aloe Vera and Polymer. With its long-lasting protection, this non-sticky and fast drying hand spray kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

    How can it be effective if it doesn't contain alcohol?

    The active substance in our hand spray (DDAC = Didecyldimethylammonium chloride) is proven effective against enveloped viruses, such as the novel Coronavirus, SARS, H1N1-swine flu as well as Hepatitis B, C and D. In addition to that, our hand spray is compliant with a number of high-standard tests. 

    Our product is both FDA (US) and EMA compliant (EU) and has gone through rigorous clinical and dermatological testing. In these tests the spray has proven effects on 99,9% of bacteria and viruses. Our formula is used by hospitals, pharmacies, universities and airports in several countries.

    You can read further about our certifications here. 

    What are the ingredients?

    The Ingredients list is as follows: Active: Didecyldimethylammonium Chloride 0,495 g/l , Other: Aloe Vera, Vitamin B5, Lactic acid & Biopolymer

    In our formula, we have an active ingredient that is effective against the same type of virus as Corona (CoV-2). Corona Virus is a so-called “enveloped virus” and is normally easier to affect than so-called “non-enveloped” viruses. Our main active ingredient DDAC has proven , through external testing, to be effective against enveloped viruses.

    The formula used is water-based and strains both the environment and your skin less than your average alcohol-based antibacterial. Its effects are clinically tested and well documented while being compliant with FDA and EMA regulations.

    Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, shipping companies have increased their prices with 30%. In addition production and raw material prices have increased drastically, well over 100%. We cover all of these factors in the price and include worldwide climate-compensated shipping. 

    Here is the cost-breakdown of the product:

    • Liquid material cost: 10 EUR (normal price 5 EUR)
    • Production line cost: 1 EUR (normally cost 0,7 EUR)
    • Product cost (box x1, label x4, spray lid x4, bottle x4): 2 EUR (normal cost 1,5 EUR)
    • Shipping cost: 10 EUR plus surcharge for fuel 25% = 12,5 EUR (normal cost 8 EUR)
    • Climate compensation shipping programme Go Green: 0.2 EUR x 2 kg = 0,4 KG (normal cost, unchanged so far)
    • Consolidation shipping cost for raw materials and packaging: 2 EUR (normal cost 1,4 EUR)
    • Pick & Plock cost in our warehouse: 0,5 EUR (normal cost, unchanged so far)
    • Shelf space: 0.2 EUR 4-pack (normal cost, unchanged so far)
    • Marketing cost FB / Google: 20 EUR (normal cost, unchanged so far)
    • Extra pillow for additional costs such as buying a punching tool (used like a cookie cutter but on cardboard) and test-runs 5%

    The cost of the product: 48,6 EUR

    The extra pillow for any additional costs is 5% which is 2,43 EUR

    VAT: 20% = 9,72 EUR

    Selling price: 60 EUR

    Margin: 3%


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    Due to the Covid-19 disease outbreak, costs for shipping larger goods have increased dramatically.

    Free shipping may not apply in your country. Exact shipping cost will be calculated at checkout.


    All shipments are climate compensated and sent in our Cradle to Cradle certified Stone Paper Packaging.

    If you are adding a monogram or logo add 2-3 business days to the delivery estimate. May be impacted by bank holidays.

    Money back guarantee

    We want you to have an awesome experience with us, and our ambition is to make products that you will love to use.

    However, in case you don’t find your product to your liking, we’re not going to play any games with you. Our first-time purchase money-back guarantee makes shopping with us worry-free.

    To use our money-back guarantee, notify our customer service team and tell us why the product wasn't a fit for you, and we’ll get you a refund, no return necessary. We will only ask that you try it out for at least two weeks to give it a fair shot. Money back is not valid for personalised items. Read all terms here.

    4% to A Good Foundation

    For every purchase you make, we donate 4% to A Good Foundation. A Good Foundation works with communities across the globe to create a positive impact through different sustainable initiatives.

    The long-term aim is to eradicate mindless consumption and help people make more conscious decisions. We do this through educational outreach, community support and environmental efforts like planting trees.

    We operate on a bold promise with a 100% no fee model, meaning all donations go straight to the cause.