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    Natural Grass Pencil


    Our Natural Grass Pen is one of a kind. You see, most of the pens out there are terrible for the environment, made from the worst kind of plastics. We spent half a year designing and developing our Natural Grass Pen, which is made using only natural meadow grass and recycled BPA-free plastics.

     In stock.

     In stock.

     In stock.

     100% climate-neutral shipping material

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    At a glance:
    • Meadow grass and BPA-free plastics
    • Can be refilled
    • The price is per item not a bundle of four
    • Biogas and waste heat drives the factory
    • Size : 15 cm
    • Item Weight: 9 g
    • Pencil colour: Black

    Detailed information:
    • How it is packaged: In a Stone Paper envelope
    • How we bring it to our warehouse: We produce and ship in bulk without plastic
    • The delivery method to warehouse: Vessel
    • Factory: The Natural Pen Factory
    • What climate-issue are we addressing: 8 ton of plastic
    • Time to market: 4 months
    • How to recycle: When done, place in the plastic bin

    The Natural Pen Factory employs an environmentally friendly and resource-efficient closed-loop manufacturing process, which means that the factory produces no waste products or wastewater.

    All materials for the pens are sourced either from recycling (plastics or biomass) or are renewable raw materials from the Taiwan region, such as meadow grass that grows just adjacent to the factory.

    The water used in the production process stems from the water naturally occurring in the meadow grass, and it’s continuously reconditioned so that the factory doesn’t have to use additional water from the public water supply. The Natural Pen can be refilled at any given time.



    Order within 1 hour and get your order on or before - FREE for orders over €50 otherwise €5


    Order within 1 hour and get your order on or before - FREE for orders over €30 otherwise €4


    All shipments are climate compensated and sent in our Cradle to Cradle certified Stone Paper Packaging.

    If you are adding a monogram or logo add 2-3 business days to the delivery estimate. May be impacted by bank holidays.

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    We want you to have an awesome experience with us, and our ambition is to make products that you will love to use.

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    4% to A Good Foundation

    For every purchase you make, we donate 4% to A Good Foundation. A Good Foundation works with communities across the globe to create a positive impact through different sustainable initiatives.

    The long-term aim is to eradicate mindless consumption and help people make more conscious decisions. We do this through educational outreach, community support and environmental efforts like planting trees.

    We operate on a bold promise with a 100% no fee model, meaning all donations go straight to the cause.

    A traditional Ballpoint pen

    Millions of plastic ballpoint pens are manufactured and sold daily.

    Natural Grass Pencil

    Our Natural Grass pen is made of meadow grass and BPA-free plastics.

    Meadow Grass
    Up to 70%
    Recycled Plastic