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At A Good Company, we design and innovate our products without intermediaries. That means we get to know the products and processes inside out. Since we genuinely want to be a transparent company, we’ll show you all the details of our product development as we go.

Unfortunately, this means you’ll also see us discontinue product development that doesn’t meet our standards.

Water everywhere around

The rationale behind the following list is first NAME and after : our idea in one sentence.

Early stage ideas

  • Mobile cases: We are dreaming of a plastic-free mobile case
  • Bamboo paper: Bamboo paper can replace pulp paper
  • A Good Cutlery: No more plastic
  • Cotton swabs
  • Gift Paper: Time to wrap presents in a eco-friendly paper

In trial phase & test production

In Production and to be launched within three months

To learn more on how we design and approach new products, read here.

Do you have a great idea of a new product?

Latest updated: 11 March 2019