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    May we suggest…

    • A Good Crayon
    • A Good Wheat Straw
    • A Good Mobile Cable

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    On top of your excellent product or service, a personalised gift or branded merchandise is a great way to show your goodwill towards clients and energize team members. Whether presented directly or as a part of an event or conference, they are a simple and effective way to build your brand and form lasting relationships.

    When choosing the right idea for your company, it is important to be conscious of the message you wish to send, and that the choice reflects your values and the values of your clients.

    At A Good Company, we create elegant, thoughtful and sustainable everyday products. By choosing to work with us, you will be joining us on our lifelong commitment to creating a more sustainable world for future generations.

    We believe that complete transparency between ourselves, our customers, and our partners is necessary to create a truly sustainable model. As such, we encourage you to understand exactly how our products are made and contribute to our process.


    Look after your team and keep them organised and energised.


    Gifts to delight your customers. Why not personalise for an added touch?


    Celebrate that special bound.


    It’s always important to treat yourself, you deserve it.

    Our offer


    We logo engrave either horizontal or vertical on any product


    For a larger event or happening, why not stand out with a custom product?


    Create your own patterns, make bespoke design according to your wishes. MOQ is +1000 but anything is possible.

    Stone Paper Stationery

    For the extensive notetakers. The grainless paper, made from naturally white recycled stone, makes capturing thoughts and ideas a dream. It’s also durable, being both water and tear-proof too.

    A Good Bottle

    Perfect for those who need to keep hydrated on the move, which is everyone! Double insulated to keep beverages hot or cold over long periods, a lifelong companion.

    A Good Mobile Case

    100% plant-based hardcover case to protect phones whilst being soft of nature. Designed in collaboration with artists and available in a range of styles to suit all tastes.

    Transparent pricing

    We have some great offers on bulk orders of the same product type. When multiples of the same product are ordered, this allows us to pack more efficiently in our fulfilment centre, and we pass those savings onto you.

    2-8 of the same product / -10%

    5-9 / -15%

    10-19 / -20%

    20-29 /-25%

    +30 /-30%

    Engraving: 2 EUR per pcs
    Shipping: 10 EUR
    Creative help: Free
    Climate compensated: Yes

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    We are delighted to help with your request.