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Caoxian, China

How we found it

When we were at our office in Hong Kong, we planned a hike and visited the beach over some weekend fall of 2018.

The hike was stunningly beautiful, but the beach was covered entirely with single-use plastics. The hike sparked the inception of a sustainable replacer for plastic cutlery’s. And bamboo had the benefits we searched for:

1. It regrows fast
2. It is not harmful to the environment
3. It is durable so single-use items can be turned into multiple usages

The process and way of working

The factory of our cutlery’s sets produces the products without chemicals with only locals working the raw materials. Mr Frank, the owner, likes it that way since he can give back to his community and also feel safe that people care for the raw material and details, in the same way, he does.

The process of making the sets starts from collecting bamboo at their own hectares of forests. They are cut into tree logs and then delivered to the factory. It dries outside just next to the facility and from that carefully crafted by hand into forks, knives and spoons. The leftovers, bark and tree branches are used to heat up the factory.

About the owner

The founder is Mr Frank Jiang. A man in his best 30s who enjoys travelling, sing karaoke and to be close to the production. We last met in Hong Kong in April 2019.


  • Location: Shanghai, China
  • Established: 2008
  • No. of employees: 10
  • Shifts: One
  • Heating: Leftovers from the production
  • Signed Code of Conduct: Yes
  • Last visit: April 2019