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Stone paper applications are exactly what they sound like - applications of paper made from recycled stone instead of wood.

Making paper without using any trees saves a lot of energy, water and, of course, wood. Also, no bleach or acids are required, and a lot of the Stone Saper factories are powered with renewable solar energy, making the environmental footprint as small as possible.

Stone Paper feels a bit like an eggshell to the touch, and it is naturally bright and resistant to wear and tear. These characteristics mean that as well as replacing paper, there are a lot more possible stone paper applications.

Stone paper characteristics vs normal paper

The characteristics of stone paper applications depend largely on the stone paper itself. Stone paper is like wood paper, only better. It has roughly the same density as wood paper, which makes it possible to replace all wood paper with stone paper. 

In addition, stone paper applications are waterproof and do not tear easily. Stone paper has no grain direction, making it incredibly smooth. The surface feels slightly like velvet, and if you are a fountain pen buff - good news, you never bleed through using stone paper applications when writing. See also stone paper versus regular paper.


Stone paper applications are numerous, and some examples are:
  • Paper - stone paper gives a luxurious feeling when writing, and never bleed through.
  • Maps - maps made of stone paper will be weatherproof and durable, perfect for hiking.
  • Sketchbooks - Stone paper is fantastic to sketch on.
  • Diving pads - should you have a need for writing when diving, stone paper is well suited as it enables underwater writing.
  • Posters and banners - when you want your message to continue coming through regardless of weather and tear.
  • Shopping bags - eco-friendly shopping will include a stone paper shopping bag.
  • Envelopes - Water-proof and recyclable
  • Wrapping paper - wrap sandwiches, gifts or goods that need a protective layer.
  • Notebooks - stone paper notebooks is perfect for bullet journaling, as the stone paper is extremely bright and withstands all kinds of wear, tear and staining.
  • Flower pots - fold the stone paper, secure it with a piece of string and you will have a stylish flower pot.
  • Gift Paper
  • For paper printers that operate under 65 degrees Celsius. *Laser printers typically emit more than 65 degrees when printing.

Final thoughts

Stone paper applications are an excellent choice whenever you can find them, as they are environmentally friendly while still transpiring a sense of luxury.

When regular paper come into contact with a liquid, it’s fibers will swell which causes the paper to deform. Stone Paper, on the other hand, is waterproof and liquids have no effect on the material. If it gets wet, you can simply dry it.

The possibilities for stone paper applications are endless since the material does not stain, is waterproof and does not tear easily. Combined with the eco-friendly process of making and recycling stone paper, it is a future proof material.