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14253 reviews
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14253 reviews
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
Climate neutral shipping

Back to school doesn’t have to mean out with the old and in with the new. Our school supplies are made for you to keep. But, when you do need new supplies, wouldn’t it be great if they were made sustainably too?

Here is a list of sustainable school supplies that you will love to use and re-use.

7 Sustainable school supplies

Eco-friendly Pens

If you want a natural and Earth-friendly writing instrument follow these instructions to make a quill and ink. I think you’ll find writing with a quill is great for calligraphy or Constitutions but not very practical for jotting down notes.

Why not take a look at our eco-friendly pens? They are made from meadow grass mixed with recycled BPA-free plastics. The gel ink is also ultra-smooth and because we know you’ll love writing with it (and we want you to use your pen for as long as you can) we also sell refills.

stone paper notebook

Stone Paper Sketchbook

Have you ever sketched on stone paper? It feels slightly different but sort of familiar and has several advantages. For one thing, if you’re outside sketching a landscape study and it starts raining, the paper (and your work) will be absolutely fine. Stone paper is waterproof! A4 Sketchbooks.

Stone Paper Notebooks

Like our sketch pads, our notebooks are made from stone paper. We didn’t mention it before but stone paper is actually made from stone instead of trees. We use the “waste” bits and cast-offs from marble quarries and grind them into fine powder to make our paper. A lot of chemicals and energy are used to make normal paper products. Our products are more durable, are made using less energy and no chemicals, and no trees are cut down Happy trees FTW!

crayons and paint


Sustainable Paint

Most paints contain and emit VOCs. Some of those VOCs are dangerous to human health and the environment. Some VOCs are natural - like the scent of a flower. Some are anthropogenic, meaning that humans made them. Those types of artificial VOCs are regulated by law, especially indoors, where concentrations are the highest.

Our Allround Paints are made from 99% natural ingredients. They contain 0% VOCs and come in a bottle made from sugarcane. Available in 6 rich colours, our paints adhere to all sorts of surfaces and are safe (and fun) to use. Perfect for budding Picassos and Kahlos.

Non-Toxic Glue

Kids go through glue sticks. Any school supply list for young kids contains them. Kids cut a lot of shapes from a lot of paper and many times stick them together with glue to make a picture. You might have one hanging up on your wall.

Because we have kids and have friends with kids we set out to create a completely non-toxic, safe, and sustainable glue stick. We started with the shell containing the glue; it’s made from recycled BPA-free plastic. The glue itself contains the mildest solvents and is completely odorless. Also, it just works. It doesn’t dry too fast, and unlike many stick glue products on the market, it can be pressed hard without leaving lumps of glue.

hand painting


A Good Crayons

Our crayons are made by a family-owned company in India. Inspired by the vibrant colours of their country, they've been in the crayon business for over 60 years (and counting). They are some of the safest and Earth-friendly crayons you can buy. They contain no plastic or harmful ingredients, have vibrant colour, and are so versatile they can even be used for watercolour painting.

A Good Clay

Clay is an amazing material. It can be turned into pottery, bricks, and even toilets (or porcelain teacups if you prefer). The colour of natural clay is dependent on the mineral content of the soil in which it is found. It can range from white to dull grey or brown to deep orange-red.

Our clay is grey because comes from Padua, in the Venuto region of Italy, which is home to some of the world’s best clays. It can be painted and varnished and if you let it sit around for too long can be brought back to life with water. It’s great for artists of all ages and even curious pets who eat things that maybe they shouldn’t. It has a certain zing about it and will leave your hands feeling hydrated and nourished.

New sustainable school supplies?

We are very proud of our sustainable school supplies. We feel that all our products should be a joy to use, have intelligent and unexpected features, and be sustainable.

We’d love to add even more of those types of products to our school list. What would you like to see us add? Share your idea.

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