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Our people
High-speed networks have made remote work much more common than it used to be.
I for one applaud it. Yes, some employers suspect that employees working from home, coffee shops and co-working spaces aren't all that productive. The same high-speed networks that make remote work possible also bring distractions like Netflix.
Another big fear, supposedly, is that remote work leads to isolation.

I think it's the other way around.

I support working remotely because I need talent that I can't get in my close geographic area. I also think A Good Company thrives from the diversity that working remotely brings. I like the fact that I get to work with people from all corners of the world, from all walks of life. It gives me a broader perspective on things. Rather than isolating us, it brings us closer together.

When I went to school, the war in Yugoslavia brought refugees to Sweden, my home country. Learning how to get along with people from a different background than my own made me a more open-minded and mature person. Less isolated. Less afraid of the outside world.

And less fear is something we all desperately need today.

Anders, Co-founder and CEO
I want to be able to look into my kids’ eyes and honestly say: "I did everything I could to hinder climate-change”
Co-founder & CEO / Stockholm, Sweden
As a physician, I follow the logic in putting the rack on red to fix this
Purchasing / Hong Kong, China
How I you feel when there is no coffee? Despresso!
Product Design / Lidingö, Sweden
Be short on criticism and long on love
Product Design / Stockholm, Sweden
I believe in the human potential to create a sustainable world
Photographer / Stockholm, Sweden
We need to stop driving agendas and start driving change
Marketing & Communications / Copenhagen, Denmark
We all know this is the final chance. Every second counts
Purchasing / Hong Kong, China
Something as simple as transparency can change the direction
Product Design / Stockholm, Sweden
Innovate and be sustainable so we all can continue to laugh and love in generations
Co-founder & Marketing / Stockholm, Sweden
As a mother of two, I have limitless energy of solving everyday problems since they will enjoy the long-term solution
Purchasing / Hong Kong, China
Don’t forget your daily backflip
Co-founder & Product Design / Stockholm, Sweden
Employee of the Year / Stockholm, Sweden
Live life funscious! Fun & Conscious
Ambassador & Product Design / Stockholm, Sweden
Let's do our best to leave this world a little better than we found it
Translations / Bologna, Italy
Marketing & Communications Intern / Copenhagen, Denmark
I put honour in a white-glove experience
Customer Happiness / Buenos Aires, Argentina