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A good crayon

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  • A Good Crayon
    A Good Crayon
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    $59.98 $41.98
  • A Good Crayon
    A Good Clay
  • A Good Crayon
    A Good Glue Stick

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Crayons are fantastic creative tools for all the family to enjoy. No doubt some of your earliest masterpieces were in crayon. Our Crayons are made from liquid paraffin wax, a recipe allowing for the most vibrant colour pigments. ThesRead More

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Kid friendly

Vibrant colours

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Karin Älfvåg
Age range: 51-60
Bought For: Gift
Crayons and stone paper

My son uses the crayons on the stone paper, the effects are really cool, like watercolor but more intense. They seem very nice to use, but I haven't tried them myself yet.

Christer Ankarlid
Age range: +61
Bought For: Gift
Perfect gift

The order is the perfect gift for young kids!

megan whitehead
Age range: 26-33
Bought For: Personal Use
A Great Crayon , especially for kids!

These beautifully packaged crayons ( which arrived surprisingly quickly) are such rich colours.

I bought them as I wanted something for me and my 1 year old son to use making art together. I wanted a super soft crayon that he could really make strong marks with and these are perfect! they've been chewed on a little bit but because they are non toxic i don't need to worry. He loves also to paint and because he can just use water on a paintbrush it means i can give him more freedom to enjoy and muck around and explore the brushes himself with less mess! They are very different from any i've used before so they take a bit of experimenting to get the watercolour effects that i want, but as a quick get images on paper in colour they are great for us both! I even tried as facepaint! I will keep buying them for sure.

Age range: 26-33
Bought For: Gift

I have not used a lot. I only tried once, but I really noticed that they are really soft. And the watercolor effect is cool and you can easily control hom much "watercolor style" you want :)
I would package teh product differently, I mena teh crayons' boy is okay, put there is not need to put this boy in another red box (even if it is a c2c box); the second box is twice bigger than the crayons' box, so the crayons are sliding up and down the whole time in their jorney to the customer, and they might break or something like that :)