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Our code of conduct isn't a joke

At A Good Company we never use middlemen, which means that we are fully aware of how and where our products are made. Thus, we’re able to ensure and control that our supply chain meets the rigorous sustainability requirements that we have set up for ourselves.

We are in direct and regular communication with all of our suppliers through a process-driven approach.

  • Our internal systems allow us to control all purchase orders and analyse production performance at every step of the way.
  • To ensure that our suppliers adhere to our strict standards, we conduct yearly traceability audits of raw material sources.
  • We also make regular and unscheduled visits to suppliers and speak with individual employees to ensure satisfactory working conditions and fair worker compensation.

Should any of our suppliers or manufacturers violate our Code of Conduct, we will terminate our relationship with them immediately.

The importance of code of conduct

We've got feet on the ground

We have dedicated teams on the ground in Asia and Europe that help us control that our suppliers meet our high standards. Our team in Asia is based in Hong Kong, and our team in Europe is based in Stockholm, Sweden. They carry our regular visits to our suppliers and serve as our eyes and ears on the ground.

Our code of conduct

All of our suppliers and manufacturers must comply with the strict requirements stipulated in our Code of Conduct, which has been a cornerstone of A Good Company since the day we were founded.

We believe that our business model, which is firmly rooted in sustainability and responsibility, benefits the continued development of our suppliers and manufacturers.

Our intention is that the conduct of A Good Company, as well as that of our suppliers and manufacturers, should serve as a positive benchmark for other companies, thus helping to contribute to a positive development stretching beyond our own realm of business.

Download a copy of our code of conduct here