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Fri frakt på dom flesta orders över 30!
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14208 recensioner
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
Klimatneutral frakt
14208 recensioner
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
Klimatneutral frakt

Omdömen från kunder

Based on 14208 reviews
Age range: 18-25
Bought For: Personal Use
Great case

I’ve had no problems at all with this case. Works great, looks great and starts conversation - some struggle to read it, some don’t.

Age range: 33-40
Bought For: My work
Great stationary

I got my first stonepaper notebook as a merchandise gift and being someone who sticks to pen and paper for daily notes I was keen on trying it out. There were several things that convinced me to buy the second notebook: The writing experience is super smooth, the paper is think enough so that there is no or very little push through. Using a highlighter also doesn't shine through on the opposite page - and of course there is the sustainability aspect to it. Overall a great product.

I wish it was available in a slightly larger size than A5 (e.g. 20x25cm just shy of A4).

Mobile Case Charcoal Black
Tom Pierce-Bulger
Age range: +61
Bought For: Personal Use
Tough little case

This case is sleek, tough and unobtrusive. And I like planting trees and supporting education for girls.

Age range: 41-50
Bought For: Personal Use
Such a great piece!

The case is functional and fits perfectly, sleek and solid but light. The design and colors are artful and very much class' with umpf. I love it.

Age range: 26-33
Bought For: Personal Use

Väldigt stabilt, skönt att hålla i och snyggt!

MagSafe Ring
Rhonda Kitzmiller
Age range: 51-60
Bought For: Personal Use
Snake skin phone case

Love it !

Age range: 18-25
Bought For: Personal Use
Phone case

It was good i liked the colours really much looks just like in the picture.

Mobile Case Pomegranate Red
Amellali González
Age range: 51-60
Bought For: Personal Use
Good product, terrible packing!

All that amount of packing it’s not necessary for such a small product, is not environmentally friendly.

Age range: +61
Bought For: Personal Use
Skal med skön känsla

Rött flak, snyggt och med skön känsla. Lite svårt att få på skalet, men efter att ha läst recensioner så hittade jag tips på att värma skalet innan.

MagSafe Ring
Ilka Bollmann
Age range: 51-60
Bought For: Personal Use
Mag safe ring

A good idea to use it for different cases. But it doesn't work! No way... ☹️👎

Age range: 33-40
Bought For: Personal Use
Black phone case

Love this phone case !!! Would highly recommend:)

Mobile Case Poppy
Kara Demeter
Age range: 33-40
Bought For: Personal Use
Poppy phone case

AmaZing! Phone has fallen numerous times and the case has prevented any breaks! This is our second case purchase and we love it.

Age range: 33-40
Bought For: Personal Use
Case for Samsung S20+

Great case, good fit and no risk of phone slipping out of the case. This is by far the best climate smart case I have tried.
The case is a litte bit slippery but though, but it's not a big concern. The colour was, in swedish, described ad "dark green" but in english "grass green". I would say that it did not look as i expected from the description, it is much lighter in colour than "dark green" but "grass green" can be anything i guess.

Age range: 26-33
Bought For: Personal Use

Super cute case! Feels good to use and durable as well.

Age range: 26-33
Bought For: Personal Use
Super Case

So far I am very happy with this phone case. It was very important for me to find an environmentally friendly case and I am very satisfied with the price to quality ratio of this one. It looks and fits great and has already saved my phone from some drops on tile floors. My one complaint is that it is quite slippery and I have had a few extra drops as a result. Over all very happy with it though!

Age range: 18-25
Bought For: Personal Use
Great quality, good price and fits my phone perfectly!

This is one of the better phone cases I’ve had in a while. The quality is exceptional (I really love the design of my phone case), the price is amazing considering it’s environmentally sustainable (many phone cases like this are very expensive) and it fits my phone perfectly (has cut outs for the buttons and such, and fits around the cameras).

I can hold it firmly in my hand, without it slipping, and when I have dropped it, it is sturdy enough not to damage my phone.

A lot of hard work and craftsmanship has gone into this phone, from sourcing materials, to putting it together.

After ordering, I received plenty of updates about my shipment from the team (even from the co-founder and CEO- which is not something you see often) and they were more than happy to answer any questions I had.

The main factor in me buying this case was the environmental aspect. Like most of us, I don’t want to create a large carbon footprint, or waste plastic- so this case, and the company themselves are perfect for this. They plant a tree for every order sold, the case is made from plants and is 100% compostable (and they will even recycle it for you once you no longer have use for the case)- and also comes with climate compensated delivery!

What I also love is the charitable contributions behind the company. They donate to a number of charities, including the Malala Fund (which helps put girls through education). To them, it’s not just about selling products, but what kind of impact they can leave behind.

I am all for supporting small businesses, especially ones with good principles. I absolutely recommend agood products to everyone and I will definitely be buying more products in the near future!

Age range: 33-40
Bought For: Personal Use
Gute Qualität

Gute Qualität aber leider wurde die falsche Größe geliefert.

Mobile Case Bings Lemons
Hester Vanacker
Age range: 18-25
Bought For: Personal Use
Lovely case with an impact

Really satisfied with the case I ordered. I love the illustration; it looks just as pretty in real life as in the picture. The material is high-quality and it seems like it will protect my phone well. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Mobile Case Teal Blush
Evelina Hagelberg
Age range: 33-40
Bought For: Personal Use
Great fit but slippery

Beautiful case with great slim fit to the phone. Will NOT come off unless you want it to. Downside: It’s slippery and will easily glide out of your hand or off other surfaces if you’re not careful.

Age range: 33-40
Bought For: Personal Use
good eco friendly toothbrush head replacement

it's great that it's made from bamboo, and that the packaging is made of paper. although it fitted my Oral-B toothbrush handle, in a few days it started slipping away during brushing. had to fix it with a piece of paper, to tighten the connection. now it works just fine. the head moves differently from the original ones, which are rotating, but the feeling is nicer with this one.

Age range: 33-40
Bought For: Personal Use
Rekommenderar ej tyvärr

Älskar konceptet men skalet gick sönder efter bara några dagar och fick köpa ett nytt bara efter en vecka 😔

Age range: 18-25
Bought For: Personal Use
Love it

Such a pretty case for such good cause

M. B.
Age range: 26-33
Great earth friendly journal

I love writing in it. And I love that no worries there were water is spilled. And it’s tree-free.

Age range: 18-25
Bought For: Personal Use
Awesome case

Looks awesome, and is very nice in general! one thing you should consider before purchasing is that you can't really store anything in the back of your phone because the case is not very flexible, but to me that is only a minor inconvenience since I am very satisfied with the case!! One other thing is that the lower ridge is a bit sharp and cuts into the finger a bit. But I am really happy that this phone case is good for the planet!!!

Toilet Paper
Maria Dittenhofer
Age range: +61
Bought For: My work

alles Bestens. Danke.