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14177 reviews
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
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Stone Paper

Stone Paper

What is it?

Stone Paper is exactly what it sounds like: paper made from crushed stone rather than from wood-pulp, in a process that is vastly better for the environment than the production of traditional paper.

Why we like It

It is water resistant, resistant to tearing and has no grain.

  • It is made with solar power.
  • It is produced using only recycled materials.
  • It is produced without any added chemicals.
  • It is produced without the usage of water.


Stone paper applications are numerous, and some examples are:

  • Paper - stone paper gives a luxurious feeling when writing, and never bleed through.
  • Maps - maps made of stone paper will be weatherproof and durable, perfect for hiking.
  • Sketchbooks - Stone paper is fantastic to sketch on.
  • NO trees
  • NO water
  • NO acid
  • NO bleach
  • NO optical brighteners
  • NO lorem ipsum

How to care for it

When regular paper come into contact with a liquid, it’s fibers will swell which causes the paper to deform. Stone Paper, on the other hand, is waterproof and liquids have no effect on the material. If it gets wet, you can simply dry it. The possibilities for stone paper applications are endless since the material does not stain, is waterproof and does not tear easily.


Recycling & circularity

Stone paper is recyclable, the materials can be turned into more stone paper, recycled with other HDPE plastics and re-used. While a lot of tree-based paper is recycled, you cannot recycle paper indefinitely. Every time paper is recycled, the fibers shorten. It is estimated that paper can be recycled 4-6 times.

How to recycle

Waste-to-energy, plastic-bin or let it photodegrade in nature.


The Stone Paper Factory

Making paper out of stone is a fascinating process. At A Good Company, we produce our Stone Paper in a lovely, family-owned factory in Taiwan, that has improved and refined its production processes for several years.

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Our Stone Paper Range

We sell a variety of stone paper products in our marketplace. We have pocket diaries, notebooks, sketch pads, and even bullet journals made from stone paper. Furthermore, our packaging is made from stone paper. We spent years on its development to ensure it’s both functional and sophisticated.

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