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Free shipping on most orders above 30!
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14083 reviews
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14083 reviews
4% is donated to A Good Foundation
Climate neutral shipping
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 Welcome the Blissful Nature Collection


You shouldn't have to compromise between design and sustainability, that’s why everything is made from plants but still perfect for Vogue. Our collections such as posters and mobile cases are made with biodegradable materials, which means they're sustainable too!  


Enjoy the variety of our products 

A Good Poster, and A Good Mobile Case. You can have them in your office or wherever your working place is. We want to show that it’s something worth saving, and can help reduce the pollution on nature.

People also ask...

Which type of mobile case is best?

Mobile cases are designed to absorb the shock of any impact your phone may encounter with hard surfaces and also provide protection against scratching. As accidents are unplanned, the most effective cases cover the corners, edges, and back of your phone.

Our cases are 1.2mm, the optimum thickness for protection without increasing bulkiness. The raised edge protects the screen and cut-outs around the buttons for accessibility and ease of use.

What is the most eco-friendly phone case?

Most phone cases today are made with plastic sadly, so the best option is to avoid any case with plastic. These plastic cases are almost impossible to recycle and therefore are just sent to landfill.

Therefore going for cases which support a circular economy and are plastic-free are the best option. Our Agood cases are made 100% from linseed and compostable for iPhone and Samsung. Go for the stylish yet sustainable look.

How much should a phone case typically cost?

The average price of a phone case is €22-€46, however this is dependent on the materials used. Our prices fall in the middle of that average, however the majority of phone cases don’t consider the environmental cost. That’s why when you go for our mobile cases, it falls in the average price yet has little to no environmental cost.

What is the main purpose of a phone case?

Firstly your phone is expensive, if you were to get any scratches or cracks in your phone, it's much cheaper to buy a phone case than to replace the screen. The most fragile part of your phone is the screen, therefore it’s essential to have something to have something in the way of the ground and your screen. Protecting your phone from scratches, cracked camera lenses & broken screens.

Are eco phone cases good?

Changing your phone case to plastic-free is an easy step to reduce your plastic consumption. Phone cases' main aim is to protect your phone, and eco-friendly cases do the same job but at the same time, protecting our environment. Going for phone cases like, Agood Company will also mean you will be part of a circular economy. Once you want to change up your phone case you can send it back to us and we will convert them into pellets again and then into a brand new phone case!

What is a compostable phone case?

A compostable phone case makes your and the planet's life a whole lot easier. It means you can simply compost your case in the garden when you’ve finished using it. Compostable phone cases are the best environmentally friendly version, no plastic used in the product and leaves no mark on our planet. To make them even better, they can also be easily recycled and converted into new cases, unlike plastic cases.

Can you recycle plastic phone cases?

Sadly, the absolute majority of phone cases are made with various types of plastic, these are then blended together which means they can’t actually be recycled or used again. Every year, around 1 billion plastic phone cases are sold, this is not including the total of plastic phone cases produced. Looking at the total amount of phone cases sold and as most plastic phone cases can’t be recycled easily, it creates a huge plastic pollution problem. To make this huge problem go away, plastic-free cases are the option to go for.

What is a marble phone case?

For the glamorous and stylish look go for a marble phone case. Marble print has always been seen as a luxury, therefore seeing this print on your phone gives off that stylish look. The stone-like effect is used in kitchens, tableware and now, phone cases. You can see marble print in a more toned down fashion now, as well as mixing in dark colours or gold features. The marble print has become more experimental, you can see this in our phone cases, using a mixture of black, grey, gold and white. A marble phone case for everyone!

Is marble print in style?

In 2013, the marble print became popular, and still to date it is extremely stylish. The most popular marble prints include, white marble like Carrara marble (like our blissful blizzard case) or Calacatta marble (like our lush light marble case). It’s one style which will always be seen as luxurious!

Is a marble print seen as timeless?

Yes! The print itself now can be seen in many different varieties, creating many different designs which will never go out of fashion. Moreover, the marble print can be seen all over, kitchens, clothing, flooring and so on, meaning marble is in no way going away anytime soon. That’s why marble phone cases are a safe option, something you will love for a lifetime!