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13778 reviews
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
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13778 reviews
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
Climate neutral shipping


Earth Hero

"When it comes to our EarthHero Corporate Gifting program, we prioritize high-quality products that are unique, sustainable, and easy for everyone to adopt and use. We love working with A Good Co - they are always quick to respond, eager to support us, and have a great product offering that can fit a need for so many of our clients. Our company is all about making sustainable shopping so easy, everyone does it. That's why we are so happy to partner with A Good Company. The truth is, all brands should be sourcing sustainably, because the future of our planet depends on it. By sourcing and manufacturing mindfully, A Good Company puts products into the world that are good for people and the planet."

Earth Hero
Chris McGurrin (Sustainable Sales Executive)



"In the past couple of years, we were revamping our supplier base and looking to work with suppliers who were leaders in the sustainability field. We want to work with people who are just as passionate about the planet as we are. A Good Company stood out as leaders in their field with a strong vision and ethos – we were impressed with the quality of product and the transparency of their emission calculations with regards to materials, production and supply chain. For us at BrewDog, it’s a huge factor when choosing to work with a partner. Our mission is to be the most sustainable drinks company in the world, and to do this we must work with people who share the same vision to make all parts of the supply chain have the lowest possible impact on the planet."

Emma Sears (Head of Merchandise & US Creative)

Lynk & Co

Lynk & Co

"At Lynk & Co we aim to support local business that share our values. A Good Company is transparent and ambitious when it comes to making better decisions. We treasure this partnership and are happy to join forces with A Good Company. Sustainability is the key part of our brand values and decision making at Lynk & Co. It’s not just about the car but our whole business model where the cars are made to be sharable in a hazzle free way."

Lynk & Co
Carolina Reuterving (Product Manager)



"We were excited to work with a local business while also supporting one of Shopify's merchants to build a custom gift for the participants of our 2020 app challenge in Europe. Shopify intrinsically links sustainability to commerce, and we make a concerted effort to work with companies that align with ethical and sustainable gifting."

Caitlin Teed (Program Manager - Ecosystem Strategic Partnerships)



"It's important for us to partner with companies that share similar values to GANNI. As a Good Company is a B Corp certified company this was a major advantage for us, as a brand that's also aiming for the same status. We don't need any more wasteful products, so its important that when we are creating and collaborating, we're doing so in the most responsible way and ensuring we're producing products with purpose."

Julie Verdich (Material Innovation and Sourcing Manager)



"A Good Company is an innovative company that provides sustainable solutions, flexible and pleasant to work with.

The focus for our company is to become more sustainable and we want to work with partners who are experts in the field."

Kristine Grina (Facility Department Manager)

Ninjas in Pyjamas

Ninjas in Pyjamas

"We partnered up with A Good Company because of the innovative approach they have. We always look for new ways to bring creative ideas to live and in the search of perfect products fell in love with A Good Company. It’s amazing to see how they work in sync with what is happening — trying to make a difference.

We have a lot of very young fans — everyday we're trying to work in a way where we are role models while also teaching them not only about esports but life in general. We want to portray hard working — gamers would say “grinding” — and I feel it is extremely important that we start to teach them about sustainability. It is so important!"

Laura Rojas Uribe (Head of Apparel and Merchandising)



"A Good Company ticked a lot of boxes for us but from a product perspective I'd say the combination between environmental and design focus were the main ones. From a company perspective I'd say that it's also very important that we saw a potential to grow together and be important partners for each other for a number of years.

Miljø" (Norwegian for Environment) is one of our four core values as a company so it's very important for us that our partners are committed to the environmental cause as well and it will be even more important in the coming years. I think the companies that will have the best chance to succeed are the ones who implement an environmental mindset at the core of everything they do and the ones who adds it as an afterthought will struggle."

Hampus Nilsson (Product Manager)

Newgen Distribution


"We feel honored to have partnered up with A Good Company. For us, as a distributor, it is important to offer our customers and retailers both qualitative and sustainable products. Sustainability within production and product management has become a hygiene factor and A Good has taken this one step further by not only being sustainable but also climate positive. We hope more will follow in their footsteps.

Why is sustainability a factor? How can it not be? Consumption is a large part of our global shortages. For us, it’s important to offer our reseller and products from vendors that do everything they can to produce sustainable products."

Sara Alström (Sales Director)



"At GreenMind we are always aiming to minimize our carbon footprint, through all that we do. A Good Companys why and sharp focus on this agenda makes for a great relationship, which helps us to push the boundaries of what we thought possible. This being in regards to both the AGC products we sell or use ourselves. (Covers, Staff clothing, packagening ETC)

GreenMind has a sharp focus on sustainability in all we do. We trade or repair secondhand electronics which is sustainable. In addition to this, all the accessories we carry at our retail outlets. has to match our sustainability efforts".

William Hammer (Sales Manager)

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