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    The Mobile Cable Factory

    The Mobile Cable Factory

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    Hong Kong Island is the hometown of The Mobile Cable factory. In the hunt for finding the best charger, how could have thought that we would end up finding the best one just next door?

    How we found it

    We always knew that making a mobile cable was essential. Loads of cables are laying around in almost every home, leaving plenty of electronic trash and a massive overload of consumption. Every time we bought one new cable, we got angry with all the packaging around it.

    When we first started to design the mobile cable, we had three requirements: it should work for all type devices, no useless packaging to cover it and if possible it should be made only from recycled materials. After loads of unsuccessful visits to fairs and factories to find a partner, our morale was at rock bottom.

    No one we met could match all the requirements and pushed us to do short-cuts. After two months of constant failures, by coincidence, we meet the guys running The Mobile Cable Factory. A nimble and encompassing factory solely working with cables. 

    The process and way of working

    We had a cup of tea and explained our vision. It could have been the magic in the tea but instantly the creative process was running at full speed, and we knew at instinct that this was our long term partner.

    The Mobile Cable has a USB-C laptop, a lightning iPhone, and a Micro-USB for Android or wireless headphones. It is made only from recycled material and braided with ballistic nylon covering which keeps it secure and prevents fraying even with intense use.

    We have removed all unnecessary packaging and only use a reusable velcro band to roll it. We ship it only in a Stone Paper Envelope.

    At every step of its operation, The Mobile Cable Factory seeks to reduce its footprint. They produce only on demand and source with quality at the highest priority.

    About the owner

    The Mobile Cable Factory is a family-owned business located at Hong Kong Island. 

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