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14277 reviews
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
Climate neutral shipping
14277 reviews
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
Climate neutral shipping

920 plastic-free A Good Mobile Cases produce the same emissions as 1 plastic case. Choose a good case from A Good Company. 

If you are coming from our jaw-dropping ads you may have seen us saying, it's not ideal, right?

We expected a few of you to have some questions.

What's not ideal about other brands you may ask? Given a startup from Sweden could do it, we can’t really wrap our head around why so many other companies are holding back. To the giant corporations with your big budgets and pumped up muscles: where ARE you? Why is it taking you freaking forever to embrace change?

That's why we’ve chosen to pick a fight. With everything standing in-between us and inaction.

We want to show the world why cases are the best option. After reading this, I am sure you will join the (A Good) Fight against other corporations who aren’t making that change.

To the barricades!


What is A Good Mobile Case?

Our mobile case is made 100% from a local plant, designed and made in Sweden. In a nutshell: Arvid, our favourite farmer who has an organic farm in Eskilstuna, sells the surplus of his linseed plants to us. And tada, we injection mould it making a plant based phone case.

We believe our winning fight is that 1 plastic case produces the same amount of CO2 emissions as 920 of our plastic-free cases.

So how did we come up with this number?

In order to complete a full life cycle analysis of our phone cases we had to look at all the emissions during our mobile case production and end of emission life, together with our partners.

We then compared this with the plastic phone case production, as most plastic phone cases are produced in China we collected our data based on this.

Source - A Good Company

An external consultant worked with us to verify the calculation of the impact of the production and afterlife of a plastic phone case produced in mainland China.

We assumed that the plastic used is non-compostable and is produced using fossil fuels. Each plastic case weighs around 21 grams, therefore we used this in our calculations to find the exact emission for one plastic case.

From there, it was only a simple calculation to work out how many mobile cases it would take for us to total the same amount of emissions as just ONE plastic case. 920.

There you have it, our argument for why we are picking a fight with those brands who aren't showing an action and to show proof that consuming sustainably can make a change!

Want to dig deeper?

We know that some of you will want to learn a bit more about where these figures came from, so enjoy us digging a bit deeper into the statistics.

When looking at the data you can make a general assumption between production in China and Sweden. If we assume that machines and processes are equivalent from an energy perspective (i.e. in Sweden we have energy-efficient production) and production is down to how much CO2 emissions each kWh emits.

First let's look at the electricity mix. There is accurate data and statistics to show that Swedish electricity mix gives 13g CO2 /kWh, while Chinese electricity mix is around 700 g kWh. This shows that Chinese plastic production emits 50 times more CO2 emissions than Swedish production.

Next up is shipping, the biggest CO2 emission plastic cases give off. To gather this data, we based it on a DHL journey from Guangdong, China to Arlanda, Stockholm. We are being a bit nicer here and are only taking about half of the emissions which come from air freight. When you compare this to our shipping emissions, which is 0, it's a pretty scary difference. We use climate compensated shipping, don’t ship products by air freight and produce locally in Sweden.

Our production partner calculated that they consume around 4 kWh per processed kg of plastic at their plant, this therefore corresponds to 52 CO2 per kg plastic. For a Chinese factory, it would be 2.8 CO2 per kg plastic. This was calculated by using our partners energy consumption data and both the countries electricity mix data.

The next thing we looked into was the influence of the choice of plastic. If you produce a phone case with fossil PP (polypropylene), the production of the material will emit 2 kg CO2 / kg plastic. Producing with trifilon will be CO2-neutral (regenerated / recycled plastic is also closer to 0). In this case we assume the plastic used for most plastic cases is fossil PP, therefore the production of one phone case produced with fossil PP emits 0.042 CO2/kg, as each case is 21 grams. A Good Mobile Case when produced is CO2 neutral, as the manufacturing plant runs on solar power in summers and switches to hydro electricity in winters, as well as creating a closed system for wastewater.

 Let's look at the afterlife of the product, this is one the biggest arguments why plastic phone cases are far from ideal. As we assume that the plastic used is fossil based PP and therefore cannot be recycled and is instead burnt. Rise calculated that 1 kg of plastic emits 2 kg of CO2 when burnt. So, when converting that into the weight of one case (21 grams), it totals to 0.042 CO2/kg. Moreover, phone cases made with blended plastic take up to 500 years to decompose! However when looking at our cases, they are compostable and circular, therefore the afterlife of our product has 0 emissions.

Welcome our A Good Loop, here you can see the lifecycle of our A Good Mobile Case. No landfill, no waste and no emissions! 


There you have it. Our reasoning behind how we can produce 920 mobile cases for the same amount of emissions as just one plastic case.

I hope all of you plastic case users are thinking that this isn’t so ideal right?  

Siri Wrigley
Business & Marketing Intern

Third year student from the University of Bath (Business Management), with a deep interest in sustainability. Co-founder of a small business in the UK and worked with multiple charities in hope to improve the lives of those in need.