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Our mobile phone case is made from linseed plants grown by a local farmer in Sweden. We can guarantee that it’s completely plant-based, because we have overseen every single step of the production.

Swap and get a new one

Our plant-based phone cases are easy to re-use in the production. So if you for any reason want to replace your phone case, we turn your old one into a brand new one. We call it A Good Loop. And for each time you Loop your phone case we give you €10 off your next case.

All details

At a glance:

  • Made from waste plants
  • Produced in Sweden
  • 29 vibrant designs
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Works for 8 different Iphones
  • A Vegan Society certified product


Detailed information:

  • Protects the glass: Yes
  • Weight: 20 grams
  • How it is packaged: In a Stone Paper box
  • Factory: The Mobile Case Factory
  • Time to market: 12 long months 

Mobile Case

Protect your phone

Have you ever dropped your phone and broken it? Chances are you have. Almost half of phones that break from drops don’t get repaired, and end up as electronic waste. So do nature a favor. Protect your phone.


Images from the production