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"We are working with A Good Company towards a world where forests are sustainably managed for climate and humanity, through engaging the greatest brands, promoting science-based solutions and creating a global movement. Because we believe that all together we can #MakeEarthCooler"
- Manon Koningstein, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

Why are you planting trees in Africa?

We plant trees in Africa since trees is helping earth to lower CO2-emissions. Each tree can absorb up to 22 kg per CO2 a year and the lifespan for a tree is often 30-40 years.

We plant trees for a good cause

  • Our flights when we need to fly to our suppliers
  • To double compensate if our suppliers fail
  • Because we can afford it

Who is your partner in planting trees?

A Good Company is planting trees in Zambia, Africa together with Weforest.

Project summary

In the Luanshya district of the Zambian Copperbelt, WeForest works with hundreds of small-scale farmers. Providing them with training and tools to diversify their sources of income while they plant and protect local forests. As a result, they receive a higher income, diversify their economic activities and learn new skills. The project also links the farmers to local private sector companies  to ensure their honey for example gets sold. This way, the project becomes more sustainable, which makes the beneficiaries less dependant on the WeForest contribution.