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Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
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14280 avis
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
Livraison climatiquement neutre

Reminder people! Mother’s day is close at hand to those countries celebrating it in late spring (such as Scandinavia and the US). 

Even if you won’t be celebrating Mother’s Day specifically, it’s sometimes nice to gift your mum, or grandmother for that matter, something special. Show them, and mother nature as well, some appreciation with these sustainable Mother’s Day gift ideas.

plant potPot Plant

Flowers are classic Mother’s Day. But cut flowers take their toll on the environment. As it’s winter, most of them have to be airfreighted from hot countries where they’re grown, unregulated, using harmful chemicals. And, unfortunately, they look pretty for a mere few days and then die. Pot plants, on the other hand, will happily stay looking pretty and keep blooming for years—a continual reminder of your love. Why not buy seeds and recycled plastic pot to plant them in? You could even decorate with our Allround Paint and Glue.


Plastic-free mobile case

We had to include one or two of our own! Some of us are mums after all. An office favourite, these protective phone cases are made from the byproduct of linseed farming and can be safely composted in your back garden after use. Alternatively, send back to us and we'll recycle into a new one as part of our circularity system. For extra Mother’s Day love, get an engraving. A Good Mobile Case.

Zero Waste Cookbook

If your mum loves to experiment in the kitchen then this might just be the perfect gift. As the name would suggest, it’s full of interesting recipes and ways to use the bits of food that would otherwise go to waste. As we all know, the less waste the better! Zero-waste cookbook.


Recycled knitting yarn

Maybe your mum isn’t the best in the kitchen but is great at knitting (or at least enjoys it). If so then We Are Knitters have launched a new yarn that is made from 100% recycled denim cotton. The yarn contains 95% cotton and 5% natural fibres and is as durable as denim.

Available in six colours:




Maybe your mum called you “little bee” when you were little. If so, awww. Bees and mums share a lot in common in that they’re both wondrous creatures and get through incredible amounts of work. So, as a little something extra, you can adopt a bee or two as a gift. The money goes to creating more beehives. 


A Good Bottle

If your mum hasn’t gotten onto the reusable bottle trend yet then this is the perfect opportunity to introduce her to it. A Good Bottle, made from premium quality recycled Swedish steel, is lightweight and durable. They’re designed to keep beverages cold for up to 48 hours and warm for 24, perfect for a chilly Mother’s Day walk. Engrave for extra love. A Good Bottle.

upcycled bagsUpcycled Gift from Etsy 

You’re probably aware but Etsy is a thriving marketplace focusing on handmade or vintage items and craft supplies. It’s a testament to homespun creativity is what it is. Therefore, it’s not surprising that there’s a huge assortment of gifts made from upcycled materials. Just put ‘upcycled’ into search and be dazzled!


Something chic from Vinted

Maybe your mum would appreciate a new spring dress? The good things about fashion now is that the old model of having to wear the latest season is rather ‘demoded’. Vintage all the way baby! Apps and sites like Vinted cater for the second hand and vintage market and there are some real gems to be found.


Stone paper notebook, journal or pocket diary

Mums always have a lot to remember, their brains must be bursting! To help with some of the overspill, perhaps she could benefit from a new notebook, journal or pocket diary. Stone paper is made from leftover stone, so trees can remain in the ground where they belong. Also, the manufacturing process uses no water or harmful chemicals and runs on clean energy.  A truly mother-naturing loving gift. They’re super nice to write on too, and waterproof and greaseproof—perfect for capturing kitchen experiments! Engrave for extra love. Shop.


Cook a nice veggie meal 

OK we lied, there are eleven! Did you know that, traditionally, Mother’s Day is a day when workers could get a day off to go and visit their dear mothers? Well, your mum probably works hard enough already, so why not give her a day off and cook her a nice veggie or vegan meal? Reducing our meat consumption is one of the most effective ways we can combat climate change.

Here’s to all the mums out there! We love you!

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