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13778 reviews
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
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13778 reviews
Thank you for joining the Good Fight!
Climate neutral shipping

After years of loyal service and admiration from friends, it’s finally time to part ways with your old mobile case. 

Most manufacturers aren’t willing to take ownership and either recycle it or dispose of it safely, so that leaves the decision up to you.

Here are some ideas.

Option 1: recycle

 If possible, then recycling is a great option as the raw materials used to make the case can be used to make something else. Of course, this is made simpler if the manufacturer has developed it using easy to recycle materials and you have access to the appropriate facilities.

Commonly, phone cases are made of a variant of either plastic, rubber, silicone or a combination of the three. When it’s a combination of materials then this makes recycling trickier. Ah, the joys! 

Even still, if you can recycle something then you absolutely should. If we reach a point where all products can go be returned and recycled through multiple lifecycles, a concept known as circularity, then the world will be a greener place.

Of course, it’s much easier if the product was designed with this in mind from the get-go, more on that later.

Option 2: donate it 

Unless you’re particularly clumsy, then most cases will remain in perfect working condition indefinitely and there’s always someone out there in need of one. Give it some TLC and donate to a local charity shop or list it on Freecycle.  

Option 3: sell it

Did you drop some serious dollar one of those super boujee Louis-V cases? Regardless, if your case is still in good condition then you might be able to sell it on Craiglist or Gumtree and put the money towards a new one. Look after the pennies and all that.

Option 4: turn it into a work of art

We recently held a charity auction where four artists kindly donated some unique artworks painted on one of our circular mobile cases. If you’re handy at arts and crafts then maybe you could try something similar, sell them and use proceeds and pursue your lifelong dream of opening a sustainable seafood restaurant. 

Mobile case artwork

Option 5: compost

Say what? Yes, as part of the circularity concept we mentioned earlier once a product has been used as many times as it can, it should be able to be returned back to nature safely. With this in mind, some manufacturers are developing products that can be composted after use, either in the back garden or at a special facility. 

The circular, compostable mobile case

We realise that phone cases don’t quite have the same environmental impact as the phones they protect, but with over 1.5 billion new phones sold every year that’s a lot of cases and adds up to quite a bit of impact!

To do our bit, we worked off of the circular principles mentioned above to develop a plant-based, backyard compostable, and circular mobile case. That means that after use they can either be returned safely to nature or sent back to us and we’ll turn them into a new one, then another new one, then another new one…

Check it out!

A Good Mobile Case

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